MarAlarm N



What is MAR.Alarm

MAR.Alarm is an innovative technology in the field alarmist. It creates a synergy between mechanical alarm system and the structure to be protected.

Therefore changes the paradigm of the alarm systems: changing from “the sensor applied to the structure to be protected helps identify intrusions” in “the structure itself becomes a sensor-actuator”.

By the use of terminations piezoelectric, it is possible to exploit the existing structure both as mechanical-acoustical vibration recorder and as noise emitter improving the value of the passive structure its self.




MAR.Alarm is able to monitor perimeters both open(A) and closed(B), both internal and external to a building and is able to accurately indicate the position in which it occurred the attempt of intrusion / tampering / failure with high resolution (typically with accuracy of 2.5 m linear in the standard package). The technology allows you to respond to customer needs thickening or thinning the resolution as a function of specific requests.

A)open perimeter (pipeline)

aperto perim

The perimeter is protected in both sides with the defense panels; each of them has installed a certain number of «microphone» patches (in red) and «loudspeaker» patched (in green).

B)  closed perimeter (exhibition, housing…)



The perimeter is protected with defense panels; each of them has installed a certain number of «microphone» patches (in red) and «loudspeaker» patched (in green).



The high sensitivity of the system ensures its effectiveness for specific applications such as the recognition of vandalism (v. Spray paint or spike) on a surface or on parts of vehicles (cars, trains, etc.).


Why MAR.Alarm

INTEGRATION :the system can be integrated with existing alarm control units, and can be a valuable complementary element in video surveillance systems unattended.

DISCRETE: Piezoelectric actuators have the size of a common stamp (20x20x1 mm)and  can be easily hidden

COST: The proposed technology is comparable with existing technologies

VERSATILITY: multiple applications (Safe City); Systems for security personnel walkways, tunnels etc.  Vandalism: writers,  Emergency buttons, bi-directional communication (taxi, tunnels, bridges, underpasses)

PERFORMANCE:High probability of detection, low rate of false positives (False Alarm Rate), self adaptation of the activation thresholds, resolution capacity perimeter depending on customer requirements.

SELF DIAGNOSISself-diagnosis both analog and digital for the recognition of tampering or damage.

ACCURANCY: high density captation of piezoelectric actuators  is able to detecte  exactly where a damage of the system occured

MAR.Alarm  is configureted in«Multi-Node» (2) mode:

–    Identification of exact position where the alarm has been detected

–    Identification of a damage of the system occured (self diagnosis functionality)





How to install  MAR.Alarm

The system includes the installation MAR.Alarm endings piezoelectric elements of the perimeter (network keller, grilles, panels, etc.) Or access structures to the environment (doors, windows, windowsdoor, etc.) To be protected.
The perimeter or the structure on which it is installed MAR.Alarm is divided into areas, and each of these is arranged a “concentrator”, which serves as a collector / digitizer of signals coming from the terminals and from the brain for the analysis of the same in order to identify burglary (tampering, overpasses, arrampicamenti, etc.). Thanks to the architecture with which it was thought the system, the system recognizes the termination that generated the alarm signal.

The system provides for the possibility of using part of the endings as piezoelectric emitting warning signals.
As for the number of terminations to be bonded, it is necessary to take into account:

  • the access areas to be monitored (windows, doors, grilles, grates, fences …);
  • the spatial resolution to be obtained for the alarm system;
  • acoustic power which you want to play the alarm signal;
  • the type of structure on which the termination is applied.


Materials MAR.Alarm

Piezoelectrics endings can be applied to .Several materials: wood, composite, plastic, glass panel, concrete, marble and  it’s possible to install  on any type of plane structures: grids/ fences, panels, boards, windows/doors, shower boxes, automotive panels, tables, art pieces.

Note: as function of the structure materials/geometry/properties performances could change. A dedicated design will be provided in order to optimize performances.


Reference MAR.Alarm

MAR.Alarm has met the specifications prepared and provided by J.Gordon Consulting Engineer Ltd:

  • identification of break-ins: climb, climb over steps in, cut the perimeter of the structure to be protected;
  • ability to discriminate extreme weather events (hail, winds with speeds in excess of 120km / h, storms …);
  • ability to adapt to the environment in which it is the structure to be protected (vbassa “Nuisance Alarm Rate – NAR”);
  • reduced false positive rate in the sensitivity that the system must possess;
  • adequate spatial resolution and modifiable according to needs;
  • procedure of self-test for the diagnosis of the correct functionality of the system.