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“HST” Vybra Srl &  CVA 


HST   is a start-up company , born in 2010, composed by young researchers from the university of ‘Politecnico di Milano’ and businessmen who operate in Lombardy’s district, in order to establish a technological excellence.

The basic idea consists on integrating the innovative technology developed (patent No.MI2012A001414 to 8/08/2012) within the objects that already exist in homes and offices, such as doors, windows, ceilings light, furniture, external perimetral enclosures etc., in order to evolve them into poli-functional intelligence objects. In brief, the challenge is to turn common objects and structures from simple passive elements into active systems. In this way, a new idea of domestic and office spaces has been created.

The  HST’S research field  is Structural vibroacoustic

Thanks to high innovative contents, the idea developed by HST  has merged into patent (No.MI2012A001414 del 8/08/2012) and has been allowed to develop trademark products such as:

  • MAR.Sound (involving structural acoustic);
  • MAR.Voip  (innovative VOIP communications)
  • MAR.Alarm  (perimeter alarm system able to identify sponger occurrences while reducing false alarms)
  • MAR.Home  (a home oriented product that combines the potentiality of MAR.sound, MAR.voip, MAR.alarm into only one device)

CVA  Sesto San Giovanni(MI)   is Vybra srl-HST’s  authorized dealer , and all the products are now on denomination   MAR SYSTEM.

The challenge for HST hasn’t ended here: the research is going towards vibro-acoustics structural settings with the goal to increase the developed products and focus the research on a new product now available in prototype: MAR.win. The main purpose of MAR.win is to develop an active control system on noise vibrations  applied on passive elements both for domestic (windows, glasses wall) and office (partition wall between offices, containment elements for server..) use, in order to cut down selective annoyance sources causing external or internal noise.