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What is MAR.Home

MAR.Home (multi-purpose product key in home automation, which combines the capabilities of MAR.Sound, MAR.Voip, MAR.Alarm in one product for the home).

By adding a processing device (PC, tablet, smartphone) and properly switching the patch connections the same hardware of MARsound can operate as an alarm system.

The system is able to automatically set the enviromental noise level and in case it identifies a critical condition alarm activated.

MAR Home is configurated in ” single node”;

With «Single  Node» (1) configuration  MARsound  provides alarm notification without its position
In «Single  Node» (1) configuration patches are conncted in parallel with the amplifier

Why MAR.Home

FLEXIBILITY . The system can be installed in many ways on available structures such as offices and houses.
INTEGRABILITY  MAR.Home evolution can made after, keeping   all the hardware  of  MAR.Sound/MAR.Voip installation.
DISCRETE. The piezoelectric actuators’ sizes are comparable to a common stamp (20X20X1mm). Therefore, they’re well hidden
LOW POWER. Around 1W/m2, it guarantees an high energetic efficiency.

DURABILITY. The system is sturdy and doesn’t need maintenance.

SMART-TECHNOLOGY. The system can interface any device equipped with Bluetooth or analogical output.

How to install  MAR.Home

A tipical  MAR.Home  system  needs the following elements  :Power,  amplifier with integrated Bluetooth and able to drive up to 30 actuators , Bipolar cables , piezoelectric endings(size 20X20X1mm each) and processing device(pc, Tablet, smartphone)

-in “Day mode” piezoelectrics ending are connected to the amplifier in emission mode (MARsound,for the emission of music / announcements / voice / sounds.) and in recording mode (MARvoip  for recording of music / voice / sounds.);

day ing


“Night mode”:  piezoelectrics ending are switched and the same hardware of MARsound  can operate as an alarm.


night ing


Materials MAR.Home

The same material of MAR.sound in ” DAY mode”,  while in “NIGHT mode” is possible to add,  grid, fence ecc.

Spec. MAR.Home

Power Feeder switching 240V.24V Smallest power: 60W, input 240A/C, output: 24D/C stabilized.
Amplifier dedicated Integrated Bluetooth, earnings selected, able to drive up to 30 ending into emission, sizes 150X100X30mm. Note: if over 30 emission endings have to be installed, there must be more than one amplifier.
Piezoelectric ending Power absorption in emission mode: 1W; sizes: 20X20X1mm.
Principal audio emission cable Bipolar, insulation min. 700V, up to 2A to current,Shielding recommended (f.e. FROHH2R 450/750V)
Secondary audio emission cable Bipolar, insulation min. 700V, up to 0,5A to current, Shielding recommended (f.e. FROHH2R 450/750V)
Processing Device PC, Tablet, smartphone